Confectionery «Merletto»

Russian producer of premium chocolate

We do our best to produce excellent sweets. It is typical for many existing brands of confectionery products to use coating chocolate instead of coverture. Besides, they add various chemical additives.

Merletto Confectionery rejected this approach to confectionery production from the very start. Both the filling and the coating of our products are one hundred percent natural unlike the absolute majority of similar products.

Only various combinations of the best milk and dark chocolate, marzipan and nougat with natural fillers (cocoa nibs, dried apricots, cherries) can make our product brands reach shelves of shops and supermarkets from manufacturing facilities. Consumers can be absolutely sure about one thing – when they choose our products they choose the best!


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Cacao beans are found in the pods of a cacao tree. Each pod contains 30-50 almond-shaped beans embedded in a white pulp. Cacao beans are approximately 2,5 cm long and each bean consist of leathery seed coat (shell), a sprout and a core (a “nib”).